Dear Runners, Participants, Supporters,
It is with great regret that we inform you that the 2018 edition of the Electric Trail is delayed.

We tried to organize the Event but, due to various difficulties, we could not guarantee the quality and safety standards that made our event unique.

We will certainly not stop working to offer you the opportunity to get excited again by running along our paths and mountains.

Certain that you will understand our decision we thank you for the affection and the support that you have always shown us in these years.

In a rank of the most physically demanding races for a single participant, the Electric Trail would be on the top of the rank, compared to other trails of the same length.

The long race starts with an unusual walk which enables the athletes to reach the Lys river, where the race starts.

The first rise, becoming increasingly higher, immediately gives the idea of the steepness of these mountains. For a short portion of the way, the path runs along the water pipes supplying the power plant in the valley, with a 45-degree inclination.

The short race is very technical and challenging. It was compared to a Skyrace, because of the breakneck alternation of steep slopes and declivities, on small and large steps on which it is difficult to remain in balance.

Walking through paths in the woods and beautiful mule tracks, there are also some short segments of the race on which participants can run. Climbers distinguish themselves on the slopes, runners do their best on a few segments where they can run and those who really love descents surely get the chance to have fun.

At the end of the race, most of the participants commented the experience with two words: BEAUTIFUL, EXHAUSTING...

The Electric Trail
Pont Saint Martin (Aosta)
March 19, 2017
42 km (26 miles) and 3,600 m D+
18 km (11 miles) and 1,350 m D+
Maximum race time: 12h / 5h

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